The Top 10 Workplace Perks & Why You Need Them

0 Comments 18 November 2016

The human body wasn’t designed to sit down and stare at a computer for eight hours a day. Yet that’s the working environment you’ll find at most companies. They’re stuck in a 9-to-5 rut that cramps your style and harms your health. So what’s a worker to do?

Move on! Hundreds of offices have realised they aren’t maximising their employees’ potential, and they’re doing something about it. They’ve started offering crazy work perks like unlimited vacations, concierge services, and Whiskey Fridays. Don’t you think it’s time to look for a job that works with you instead of against you? This infographic from Company Folders showcases the coolest work perks out there, so you can look for them at your next job. And if you’re the boss, read on to learn which workplace incentives your team really wants, and why they’re a great investment.


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