The Importance of a Responsive Website

0 Comments 13 September 2017

If you have a business website set up, you probably already have a pretty good online marketing strategy. However, like many things, marketing must stay up with the times and accommodate changes in consumer behaviour. For example, did you know that 55% of internet access comes through mobile phones? Just a few years ago, desktops were the most popular way to access the internet, but thanks to advances in smartphone technology, that is no longer the case. Mobile phones are now king.

For businesses, it means that mobile users need to be their number one priority. So email campaigns need to be easy for mobile users to view, which is why most marketers use responsive templates. And in terms of websites, these play a vital part in generating business, so it is important that they are easy for mobile users to navigate around.

This infographic from Top 10 Website Hosting gives some solid stats around how important a responsive website can be to your business:

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