The Most Bizarre F1 Cars Of All Time

No Comments 26 August 2015

Here’s a well designed infographic from the replacement number plates website Platesbypost taking a look at the strangest Formula 1 cars of all time. View original illustrations of the Brabham BT26 from 1968, the Tyrrell P34 from 1976-77, the Arrows A22 from 2001, and more.

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Don Draper’s Best Put Downs

No Comments 21 August 2015

So here’s Don Draper at his best – suave, arrogant, witty and cynical as he delivers some of the finest put downs. This infographic from Glow New Media takes a look at thirteen of the funniest Don Draper put downs including the season and episode where they can be seen.

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The History of the Java Programming Language

No Comments 20 August 2015

Java is a general purpose computer programming language that is concurrent, class-based, object-oriented and specifically designed to have as few implementation dependencies as possible. Here is a timeline infographic from Exo Platform that takes a look at the evolution of the Java programming language starting in 1991 and going all the way through to today […]

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Flags of the World: The Stories Behind Them

No Comments 17 August 2015

If you’re interested in Vexillology (the study of flags) then you’ll love this infographic from Just The Flight. It tells the stories behind twenty four of the most interesting national flags from around the World including Botswana, Ghana, Iran and Mozambique. Via – UK Feather Flags

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The Amazing Growth of TED Talks

No Comments 14 August 2015

TED Talks is the most popular lecture series in the world – and it’s easy to see why. This infographic from PF Events takes a look at the rise of TED; from it’s inception in the mid 80’s right the way through to the huge following it has today.

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2015 Rugby World Cup

No Comments 05 August 2015

The 2015 Rugby World Cup is fast approaching and is welcomed with open arms throughout the UK. With over 400 matches across 13 counties, everyone will have an opportunity to see their favourite teams and players in action. Grassform‘s latest infographic takes a look at the statistics in more detail.

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