Tiger Farming: Trading in Extinction

No Comments 31 July 2014

It’s International Tiger day on the 29th of June so the people at Born Free Foundation launched an infographic to make everyone aware of the Barbaric tiger farms in Asia and the bleak future for wild tigers. The infographic includes sections on tiger sub species, the wild and captive tiger populations, and plenty more.

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Music Lessons Make You Smarter

No Comments 29 July 2014

Here I have an infographic from a website called Take Lessons all about how taking music or singing lessons could make you smarter. The infographic starts off by showing photographs of geniuses who were also musicians, then there is some data on how lessons could improve your maths and reading skills, and plenty more. Via […]

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Are You Over The Limit?

No Comments 24 July 2014

In 2013, there were approximately 90,000 drink driving convictions in the UK, many of which may well have been a result of ignorance of the UK’s drink driving laws. However, ignorance is no excuse so driving offence solicitors Driving Defences have produced this infographic which clearly shows the what the UK law involves and how […]

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Iconic Cars from Film and Television

No Comments 21 July 2014

Here I have a great looking infographic from Simply Show Plates featuring iconic cars from movies and TV shows. Check out original illustrations of the Knight Rider car, the Ghostbusters car, the Love Bug, the A Team van, and more.

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World Records from the Commonwealth Games

No Comments 18 July 2014

The 2014 Commonwealth games are starting next week in Glasgow so the people at the business signage company called IVC Signs have put together this handy infographic for you providing information about the different records that have been set over the decades. The infographic has sections on mens running, womens running, high jump, pole vault, […]

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The Dirtiest Things You Touch Everyday

No Comments 02 July 2014

Here I have an interesting infographic from the London based office cleaning company Master Cleaners all about the dirtiest things we come into contact with on a daily basis. Learn about the amount of bacteria found on money, light switches, computer keyboards, and more.

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