The Cost of Super Bowl Commercials

No Comments 28 January 2014

It’s time for one of the biggest annual television events in the entire United States – the Super Bowl. Each year, the Super Bowl draws well over 100 million viewers, but not everyone is watching for the game itself. Many tune in solely for the brand new commercials being churned out by some of the […]

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The Port of Southampton

No Comments 27 January 2014

Approximately 430 cruise ships call at the port of Southampton each year, carrying around 1.5 million passengers – that’s more than the entire population of Birmingham! The port of Southampton is a crucial economic element of the city (for example each docking is worth £2,500,000 to the local economy), and to examine the port Cruise […]

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A Visual Evolution Of Handheld Communication

No Comments 25 January 2014

We’ve been communicating with electronic devices for nearly 100 years now. From the very first public radio demonstration in 1920 right the way through to the UK launch of 4G in 2012, this infographic from Brentwood Communications charts the evolution of handheld communication.

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The Cost Of Prom

No Comments 21 January 2014

Each spring, thousands of high school teenagers prepare for the biggest event of their high school career – prom. This tradition, which started back in the 1800’s, has become one of the most expensive outings for high school students and their parents to afford. Prom has grown into an all out gala over the years. […]

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Household Germs That Can Kill

No Comments 19 January 2014

Anyone that regularly cleans their home will be aware of the build-up of germs that regularly make our houses their home, but you may not be aware of the number of potentially dangerous germs lurking in the home – particularly in the kitchen and bathroom. This infographic from UK-based professional cleaning firm Master Cleaners shows […]

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Business, Tech

Demystifying The SEO Process

No Comments 16 January 2014

SEO – or search engine optimisation – is big business in the modern economy, but there’s still a large percentage of business owners who don’t take advantage of these relatively recent marketing discipline, and yet more who don’t know what the process is. To help demystify the SEO process, Essex-based search agency Climbing Trees have […]

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5 Renovations That Add Value To Your Home

No Comments 15 January 2014

As usual, the housing market will heat up in lock step with the rising temperatures come spring, so now is the time to undergo renovations if you’re looking to put your house on the market this year. If you’re stumped on where to invest on remodelling to get the most bang for your home improvement […]

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Finance, Tech

Mobile Banking In Numbers

No Comments 13 January 2014

With mobile banking becoming increasingly popular, Barclays Bank have created an infographic about the Evolution in Banking. The infographic is based on the Barclays Mobile Banking app, which saw a 200% increase in the number of downloads in 2013. The infographic shows how more and more people are now managing their finances on the go and […]

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