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Picking the Right Vehicle for the Zombie Apocalypse

No Comments 30 October 2013

With Halloween just around the corner, we’re all waiting to see if this year is the year the zombies finally rise up and take over the earth. In that unlikely eventuality, Tilsun have produced this infographic looking at the best and worst vehicles for surviving the zombie apocalypse:  

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An Infographic Introduction to Botnets

No Comments 21 October 2013

You may well of heard of the botnet – a network of infected computers that can be remotely controlled by cyber criminals. An infected machine could include a PC, Mac or even a smartphone, and as infected terminals behave completely normally, most people wouldn’t even realise their computer or phone was part of a botnet. […]

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A Look at the World’s Most Extreme Weather

No Comments 17 October 2013

2013 has seen some particularly unusual weather in locations all over the world, but how does this year compare with the last century? In this infographic The Air Conditioning Company takes a look at the world’s most extreme weather, from the highest and lowest temperatures to the most rainfall and much more:

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A Look at the Modern Travel Blogger

No Comments 03 October 2013

There appear to be more travel bloggers now than ever before, which is perhaps not particularly surprising given the prominence of easy to use blogging platforms (most notably WordPress) and cheaper travel. But what does the typical modern travel blogger look like? How old are they? What technology and web platforms do they use? Do […]

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