Common Causes of Tummy Aches in Children

No Comments 21 May 2013

A tummy ache can be a frustrating symptom to understand in small children. And while it’s a common problem, there are a variety of potential causes. This infographic from Tummy Calm reviews many potential causes of stomach aches and offers pros and cons to the various remedies available:

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Optimise Your Social Network

No Comments 15 May 2013

UK agency The Like Minded sent out an email to known clients and trusted colleagues with a link to their website landing page that has an animation showing Chapter 1 of the company story and the services they offer. Optimising your social network takes time. To demonstrate this The Like Minded decided to do an […]

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Superhero Life Expectancies

No Comments 09 May 2013

We love superhero infographics; not only are they generally well researched (mainly as there’s such a wealth of information available about any given comic brand or character), but the opportunity for original and creative design, coupled with amusing or interesting information is huge. We recently came across this fantastic infographic from LifeQuotes4U, breaking down the […]

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