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The State Of UK Energy Prices

No Comments 29 August 2012

In these times of recession, you would hope that companies would try and help out their customers, either by lowering their prices or by offering loyalty discounts and other incentives. Many markets have been doing just that, but one real exception is the energy sector. As the infographic below from shows, there has been little change […]

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UK Search Market Evaluated Infographic

No Comments 28 August 2012

GroupM UK carried out research based on 28 million people in the UK with Nielsen. This research revealed a total of 1.4 billion search queries conducted during June 2011. MEC have partnered up with Neo Mammalian Studios to produce this infographic showing the insights from the UK search marketing landscape based on the research conducted.

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Money Saving Tips for Home, Work and the Car

No Comments 26 August 2012

We all know times are tough at the moment, so you need to do all you can to save that extra bit of cash. This great infographic courtesy of examines some great ways to be frugal without interrupting your daily life too much.

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Classic Car Insurance – Is It Worth Seeing A Specialist?

No Comments 20 August 2012

With the love for classic cars in the UK, combined with the rising prices of motoring in general, classic cars are resurgent. If you’re looking into one already, you’ll know the benefits of no road tax and added cool-factor well, but what other benefits are there? Can insurance be much cheaper? The infographic from Emerald […]

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Business Electricity & How It’s Changing

No Comments 18 August 2012

If you run a business then you’ll almost certainly be concerned with the growing costs of powering your offices – and it’s no wonder, with business electricity prices nearly doubling in the last 7 years. That’s an astounding statistic when you consider that around 30% of the energy companies use is wasted, meaning anyone running […]

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Dogs Relation to Humans

No Comments 06 August 2012

This infographic about Dogs Relation to Humans is presented by – a premium pet supplies company based in Sydney Australia. We service all areas of Australia, sending top quality pet supply products to our customer’s door. Some of the popular products purchased by our customers include, dog beds, dog clippers, Frontline Plus and Advantix Dogs […]

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